Supplier code of ethics

Philosophy of business centre

Baltic Hearts – the A-class office complex is distinguished by its modest, composed and at the same time respectable atmosphere. Reliable and durable materials, ergonomic working environment, efficient and rational utilisation of space, functionality and comfort – these are the exceptional features of Baltic Hearts.

Key features

Comfortable. The low-rise buildings and their spacious premises will make it possible to utilise the office area in the most efficient way: to attaint the most rational proportion between the useful and leased space, optimize the ratio between the number of working places and the space leased, minimize losses of the total area.

Low-rise office buildings have some undeniable advantages as compared to multi-storeyed structures. Tenants in such buildings do not have to queue at elevators easily reaching the upper stored by stairs, thus increasing the mobility of the employees. Low-rise business premises always contribute to creating more favourable psychological atmosphere, and all staff members working on a single floor normally find it rather strengthening the team spirit.

The buildings at the Baltic Hearts centre will be equipped with all engineering systems fully complying with the relevant European standards and an efficiently functioning infrastructure. The natural light, computerized building ventilation, cooling and heating system, natural airing will ensure comfortable microclimate in the premises.

Green. Buildings of the Baltic Hearts business centre represent an integrated solution ensuring possibilities for the efficient use of available natural resources, minimal pollution of the environment, organic construction materials, location in the vicinity of residential areas and public transportation routes and stops, thus producing only marginal effect upon the surrounding landscape. All these conditions have been properly coordinated and provided for in the office complex. Baltic Hearts is a complex of efficiently arranged, organic and environmentally-friendly offices.

Perfect location. It just take several minutes to reach most important administrative and business objects of Vilnius, also Baltic Hearts is close to main highways leading to suburban areas. Convenient access to the Vilnius airport, railway station and other important communication hubs. The office centre is located in one of the most proper locations in the city and has a well-developed infrastructure of its territory: A number of entertainment centres, Forum Palace, Hanner, the head office of Danske bank, GV18A, Panorama trade centre and many other important facilities are in the closest vicinity from Baltic Hearts, the business centre territory offers most convenient entry and exit driveways.